A reporter goes to Bishie Con, a publisher reviews the nook

Happy_Yaoi_Yum_Yum_vol1-747394Aimee Levitt of the (St. Louis) Riverfront Times goes to Bishie Con and reports back on what she saw. The story attracted some commentary at The Yaoi Review, but considering the foreignness of the subject matter to both the reporter and the intended audience, it didn’t seem too bad. Several people say in comments at TYR that they were misquoted, which is unfortunate, but they seem happy with the publicity. Another theme that emerges in comments is that Twilight fans are really yaoi fans. Really?

At Icarus Comics, Simon Jones puts the nook through its paces as a comics reader, and he provides a link to one of his adult comics so readers can try it for themselves. His description sounded sort of buggy to me; he found a lot of fixes for the problems, but someone (like me) who is impatient and not particularly technologically inclined would probably throw the thing out the window.

David Welsh’s latest license request is Shoujo Manga, one of the manga honored in the recent Japan Media Arts Festival Awards.

Flower-1.JPGLooking for something to read? Danielle Leigh suggests 10 underrated shoujo manga in her latest Manga Before Flowers column at Comics Should Be Good, and Lori Henderson picks the best of this week’s all-ages comics and manga at Good Comics for Kids.

Digital is running a contest starting at noon (PST) today: Rent any Harlequin manga at their eManga site and you are entered in a contest for a free copy of vol. 1 of Itazura Na Kiss. And Lori Henderson is giving away a set of the trilogy The Color of Earth, The Color of Water, the Color of Heaven at Manga Xanadu.

Erica Friedman invites Okazu readers to ask her their burning questions.

News from Japan: A number of news sites have sprung up recently that give the news in manga form; from this survey, it looks like readers don’t know they exist but might read them if they did. Also interesting: Slightly more people report reading manga, at least occasionally, than admit to reading newspapers. Here’s a sample, all in Japanese, of course. Barefoot Gen artist Keiji Nakazawa will give his original drawings for the manga to the Hiroshima Peace Museum.

Reviews: Stop that train! Today’s review of the day is Noah Berlatsky’s meditation on Yuichi Yokoyama’s Travel at comiXology.

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  1. Simon Jones says:

    To be fair to the nook, the purpose of the second half of the report was to intentionally look for those limitations and quirks of the hardware, in order to determine how best to format files. Most users won’t be making their own ePubs or PDFs, so all that technical stuff won’t be relevant to them.

    As a piece of consumer electronics, the nook is fine. It is crash-prone and has a few unpolished edges, unintuitive UI design choices, and the kind of problems any new platform launch runs into. Anyone still on the fence about getting an e-reader should wait and see how the first couple of software updates pan out before making a decision.