Yen announces new Haruhi and Yoshinaga manga

Foods-213x300Yen Press announced a fresh batch of new licenses on their website yesterday, including The Melancholy of Suzmiya-Haruhi-Chan, a 4-koma gag strip based on that other Haruhi manga; another 4-koma manga, this one based on the anime K-On!, about a girl band; Fumi Yoshinaga’s Not Love But Delicious Foods; a novel, Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime; and a children’s book by French creator Émile Bravo, Goldilocks and the Seven Squat Bears. David Welsh expresses his pleasure at Manga Curmudgeon, but Scott VonSchilling dissents on the 4-koma manga at The Anime Almanac.

ICv2 has the scoop on Drawn & Quarterly’s plans for Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s Black Blizzard.

Julie is looking forward to Rampage and Rasetsu among this week’s new manga.

Yamila Abraham writes of her disappointment that the very mild (13+) comic Zesty was not approved for the iTunes store; YP graphic novels are available on Kindle, which means they can be read on the iPhone through the Kindle app, but it’s very tiny.

Gottsu-Iiyan gives us a sneak peek at the latest chapter of Billy Bat.

Shaenon Garrity looks at the many faces of Lum.

180700-daughters_superGia unearths what looks like a fascinating book: The daughters of Osamu Tezuka, Shigeru Mizuki, and Fujio Akatsuka have collaborated on a book about their manga-ka fathers, in which many things are revealed, including the fact that Black Jack’s “wife” Pinoko is modeled on Tezuka’s daughter. (I don’t think I’d admit that, myself.) Can Yen Press please license that one?

Akemi has a brief post describing the essence of shonen manga at Myth and Manga.

Tell David Welsh who your favorite manga mother is and you could win a copy of All My Darling Daughters. Also, David is up to the letter Q in his shoujo/sunjeong alphabet, which makes this a shorter entry than most.

Congratulations (I think) to Jonathan Clements, whose Schoolgirl Milky Crisis was nominated for a Diagram Award, which is given to the book with the oddest title of the year.

Giant Robot is looking for donations so they can keep publishing.


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  1. Okay! I am completely excited about the Not love but Delicious Foods because it really brings Yoshinaga Fumi at one of her best elements: her foodie fangirling! I’ve read this in Japanese and it’s a nice lovely read for me and I hope it gets translated well in English.

    I’m sure the Fumi fans will love it.

  2. Has Scott never read Azumanga Daioh? I remember finding it hilarious!’

    On the manga daughters book: I’d think if anyone was going to license it, it would be Vertical, since they’re odd ducks and they love Tezuka. Yen licenses strong titles, but primarily strong titles that will sell…I suspect the market for Gegege no Musume (…etc) is pretty small ^^

    (Also, just a heads up, we just got a giant stack of manga in the office, so a few reviews should be hitting the site soon.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    >another 4-koma manga, this one based on the anime K-On!,

    No…the anime is an adaption of the manga, which was the original work.