Gift guides and best-sellers

Lori Henderson has the latest list of all-ages comics and manga at Good Comics for Kids, and the Manga Village team makes their picks from the past week’s new manga releases as well.

Erica Friedman posts the latest edition of Yuri Network News and answers questions on a variety of topics, including yuri, at Okazu.

Looking for a gift for the otaku who has everything? Check out the 2011 manga gift guides from Kate Dacey at The Manga Critic, Anna at Manga Report, and Tony Yao at Manga Therapy. Erica Friedman goes old school with a retro anime and manga gift guide at Okazu.

Lissa Pattillo notes Digital’s announcement that they have a new license, Starry☆Sky, but she wonders if it’s a shoujo series being marketed as yaoi (in their June imprint) because of “a high pretty boy count.” She also has news of some new Seven Seas series that will be published in omnibus volumes.

Connie continues her discussion of the world of From Eroica With Love with a look at Seven Seas, Seven Skies.

Matt Blind compiles the list of manga best-sellers for the week ending November 13.

News from Japan: Koji Aihara, co-creator of Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga, started a new zombie series, Z ~Zed~, in last week’s issue of Bessatsu Manga Goraku. Love Roma manga-ka Minoru Toyoda has a one-shot story in the December 7 issue of Shonen Sunday. Übel Blatt returns to Big Gangan magazine after a two-year hiatus. Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Ghost launches in the January issue of Gundam Ace, and ANN has lots of details for you. The retail chain Animate has a great deal going: Buy a volume of a manga series that is carried in Asuka magazine, get a free bookmark with a drawing of a Tiger and Bunny character done by an Asuka artist. Three Steps Over Japan takes a look at Manga Town, the magazine that carries Crayon Shin-chan.


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  1. Good list. It’s been a strong year for releases, so my elder sis will be wanting some girly manga for her pressie. I shall wear a disguise when I proceed to purchasing it!