The return of Hetalia

The latest Tokyopop license rescue is by… Tokyopop. Well, sort of: The online retailer RightStuf announced yesterday that it will be co-publishing the first three volumes of Hetalia: Axis Powers with Tokyopop, mostly as print-on-demand. The first two volumes, which were released in English but are now hard to find, are available now for $15.99 each; RightStuf is currently taking orders for volume 3, and the pre-ordered volumes will include all color pages. The next run will be all black and white. I have the details at MTV Geek, and I talked to Alison Roberts of RightStuf about the thinking that went into this deal—and where things might go from here. And RightStuf has put up a video as well!

Lissa Pattillo checks this week’s new-release list in her On the Shelf column at Otaku USA. Sean Gaffney looks farther ahead with his list of the best of next week’s manga. And Kristin checks out the manga highlights in this month’s Previews at Comic Attack.

Lissa also has a handy list of manga events at this weekend’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which will feature Chi’s Sweet Home creator Konami Kanata.

Why are manga titles so long? Kotaku talks to the author of That’s Why I Can’t Have Ecchi to find out.

I mentioned MTV Geek’s Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight! a little while ago; well, now they are down to the final four: Luffy D. Monkey vs. Rick Hunter and Ultraman vs. Voltron. Go check it out, join the fun, and cast your votes!

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now accepting entries for the Sixth International Manga Awards.


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  1. Your link for Alison Roberts at Rightstuf is actually the link for the Warren Peace “Rohan” review. :)