Attack on Titan creator speaks!

Over at MTV Geek, the Kodansha folks allowed us to post an interview with Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama that first appeared in Bessatsu Shonen magazine, along with a preview of the book, which is due out this week.

Shaenon Garrity introduces us to the goofy 1980s wrestling manga Ultimate Muscle (and its sequel, which was published by Viz) in the latest House of 1000 Manga column at ANN.

Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith discuss Attack on Titan, Until Death Do Us Part, and other new releases in their latest Off the Shelf column at Manga Bookshelf.

Erica Friedman interviews Girl Friends manga-ka Milk Morinaga at Okazu, and she also has the latest Yuri Network News for us.

Lissa Pattillo looks at the best of the past week’s new releases in her latest On the Shelf column at Otaku USA, and back at her own site, Kuriousity, she shows off the latest additions to her Swag Bag.

Three Steps Over Japan checks out the manga magazine Comic @Bunch.

News from Japan: Katsuya Takahashi, the last fugitive from the Aum Shinrikyo cult, surrendered to authorities after being spotted in a manga cafe in Tokyo. Apparently police were aware that Takahashi was a manga reader and had been keeping an eye on manga cafes.


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  1. I didn’t even know there were people actually working at Kodansha. I thought it was run completely by a Wizard. They seem to be working on the Nintendo model of “avoid talking to fans”. I was looking at the Kodansha Ipad manga app today and it hasn’t been updated since November 2011. They have had no Facebook or twitter interaction with fans since October 2011. Ironically, the next to last tweet from Kodansha was about their new manga app. What is the deal with this company? Their manga comes out. But there just seems to be something really odd about this company. How many years did it take them just to reprint Dark Horse manga? They just do not seem to be in the 21st century, unlike Viz. And while I’m on the subject of failure. Jmanga.

  2. insaneben says

    Please see the link below:

    I’m sure astronerdboy and you both have similar concerns about Kodansha USA. Rest assured, you’re not alone.