Tokyopop is back!

Big news from Anime Expo: Tokyopop had a panel, and they announced they will be publishing that vols. 4 and 5 of Hetalia will be published in North America; Levy said the details are unclear but he is talking to Gentosha about it. Tokyopop will also publish the third volume of the OEL manga Psy-Comm, as print-on-demand books via the anime retail site RightStuf. More on this as it develops…

At MTV Geek I reviewed Viz’s newest shoujo manga, Jiu Jiu.

Erica Friedman rounds up the latest yuri news in her Yuri News Network post at Okazu.

The Yen Press staff blogs about their work on the new (finally complete!) edition of Alice in the Country of Hearts.

The Takehiko Inoue-focused Manga Moveable Feast continues at two sites; at Manga Report, Anna pulls out some of the highlights from the archive of older posts, and at Soliloquy in Blue, Michelle Smith posts the link roundups for days two, three, and four, as well as a special Inoue-themed edition of Let’s Get Visual, with Melinda Beasi.

Kimi-Chan posts a 2010 interview with Incubus creator Yayoi Neko.

Manga Bookshelf editor Melinda Beasi talks about manga, blogging, fandom, and girl-friendly comics, among other things, in a wide-ranging interview at women write about comics.


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  1. William Flanagan says

    The way I read it, TokyoPop was simply reporting that Gentosha was going to publish the 4th & 5th Hetalia books themselves. I didn’t hear that TokyoPop was involved with those books. I could have read it wrong though.

    • Brigid Alverson says

      Good point—I made a leap there, although I doubt Stu would have mentioned it if he didn’t have an interest. I have edited the post accordingly. Thanks!

      • William Flanagan says

        His interest might be that if people know #4 & #5 are coming out, they might be more tempted to buy #1-3 of which he still gets a percentage. Or your assumption might be right. Hard to say on the present info.

  2. Ewww Tokyopop….or more accurately, ewww, Stu Levy. It constantly feels like I’m being trolled with every announcement from him. It’s like without the manga publishing he’s not getting enough attention to sooth his giant ego. I feel like most people would like to see Tokyopop return, but not Stu Levy himself. There’s gotta be someone out there a thousand times more competent that Stu Levy, pretty much anyone else is who we’d want to see return to run Tokyopop. So I’m still torn on any TP news so long as it comes from Stu Levy.