Shonen Jump Alpha goes same day as Japan

The big news of the week is something we all knew would happen—Alvin Lu foreshadowed it at NYCC—but now it has come to pass: Shonen Jump Alpha will be eliminating the two-week lag and going to simultaneous release with Japan for all their weekly series, including Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. And there’s a new series, Nisekoi, debuting this week; you can read chapter 1 for free on the site or on their apps.

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Also at ANN, Brian Hanson takes on a couple of manga-related questions in his Hey Answerman column: The debate over honorifics and what software real manga creators use (with some help from Deb Aoki).

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  1. That link you have to the NY Times is to their crossword puzzles. ^_^;;; Otherwise, I’m glad to see simultaneous releases of manga in Japan and the US.