Big savings from Viz

Big news from Viz: They are marking down every volume in their digital app by 20% for the holidays. And there’s more: Viz is offering Shonen Jump Alpha for free on its Android app, with advertising support. There’s also a free SJA starter pack to help bring you up to date with the Japanese releases.

Deb Aoki continues her series on OEL manga with a look at why the Japanese model doesn’t work in North America and what can be done to make things better. The article includes a lot of resources and commentary from artists working in the manga tradition, so it’s well worth bookmarking. Evan Liu adds some interesting thoughts on the divide between OEL manga and Artists Alley.

Laura takes a look at the newest shoujo releases at Heart of Manga.

Victoria Martin starts her countdown of the top 20 manga of the year at Kuriousity.

David Brothers looks at some of Akira Toriyama’s storytelling flourishes in Dr. Slump.

Tony Yao asks readers to contribute their thoughts on creating a balanced “manga diet.”


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  1. I assume the free WSJA offer on Android is the same deal I’ve been taking advantage of for a couple weeks now – you have to download and launch another free app, then you can claim the free issue of WSJA. I have some screenshots of the process in the second part of this old post.