Yen Grabs ‘Big Hero 6’ Manga

Yen Press has the license for the manga based on the Disney film Big Hero 6. The manga has just launched in Kodansha’s Magazine Special, and not only is it the first manga to precede a Disney film, it’s also the only comic adaptation of the film currently in the works. I talked to Kurt Hassler of Yen Press about their plans for the book—and why Yen got the license and not Kodansha Comics.

Crunchyroll has added two new manga series to its digital service, The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer and Kippo to Catalog.

This past week was Banned Books Week, and Lori Henderson takes the opportunity to look at some manga that have been challenged in school and public libraries in recent years. Sarah does the same at Nagareboshi Reviews.

Erica Friedman has the latest yuri update in her Yuri News Network post at Okazu.

Justin Stroman interviews a manga fan who lives in the United Arab Emirates; Dubai has both a Kinokuniya and a Borders, despite the fact that the chain has shut down in the U.S. (But it sounds like a zombie Borders—they have Del Rey titles but nothing recent).

News from Japan: Claymore will come to an end in the November issue of Jump Square.


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  1. They are or were apparently franchise stores, not directly owned by Borders in a few countries.