Ring out the old…

I took a look at manga series that ended (or will come to an end) in 2011 at MTV Geek.

Sean Gaffney looks ahead to next week’s new manga.

At PWCW, Danica Davidson talks to Robert McGuire, the editor of the monthly digital manga magazine GEN, which is now available via downloadable PDFs and on the Graphicly platform.

News from Japan: Linebarrels of Iron creators Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi had a good run with their Kamen Rider doujinshi Hybrid Insector, but Toei, which holds the rights to Kamen Rider, is making them stop after nine chapters. (As of this writing, though, the existing chapters are still up.) GCU manga-ka UmetarĂ´ Saitani has a new sports/comedy series in the works, Gosling, featuring the exciting game of badminton. It will run in Manga Times. We Were There (Bokura Ga Ita) is coming to an end in the March issue of Betsucomi. Elfen Lied creator Lynn Okamoto has a new series in the works, Kiwaguro no Brynhildr, which will run in Young Jump. The sixth volume of Attack on Titan hit the top of Oricon’s manga chart, the third volume in the series to do so. (Kodansha USA has licensed it for U.S. release.) And ANN has last week’s manga rankings.

Reviews: Ash Brown has been reading lots of manga from the library at Experiments in Manga.

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