Best (and worst!) of 2011; Sailor Moon MMF launches

Daniella Orihuela-Gruber winds up her 2011 manga gift guide. While gift-giving season is pretty much over, it’s a good resource for those who are wondering what to do with all the gift cards they got.

Sean Gaffney looks back at the manga scene in 2011 and sees a mixed bag; he also has some wishes for the future. And congratulations to Sean on his second anniversary as a blogger! Sean is also hosting this month’s Manga Moveable Feast, which will feature Sailor Moon.

Erica Friedman posts her picks for the best yuri manga of 2011 and her wish list for 2012.

The Manga Village team picks the best of the past week’s new manga releases.

Ouch! Dave Ferraro includes Animal Land in his three worst comics of the year.

The China Post has a good overview of the comics scene in Taiwan, where Japanese manga are huge—so huge that Shueisha recently sponsored a new talent competition there, and the editor of Weekly Shonen Jump flew over for the awards ceremony.

News from Japan: Huge news for Rurouni Kenshin fans: Creator Nobuhiro Watsuki is bringing the series back in the June issue of Jump Square, at least for a few episodes. Three Steps Over Japan takes a look at the manga magazine Monthly Shonen Ace.


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  1. I read the China Post article and it says the Shueisha competition was held in China, not Taiwan.